Today is Independence Day for the United States of America. So there won’t be a post about anything to do with technology. But I just wanted to touch on a few things. The country in which I live in, the United States of America, has been around since 1776 when […]

Independence Day

This link (Click on the word) will take you out to a smartwatch guide page. Where it will have links to other sites about the current smart watches out there. Like, Best smart Analogue Garmin Vivoactive HR Samsung Gear S3 picks Casio WSD-F10 And Finally Samsung Solis incoming Pebble time Pebble […]

Smart Watches

So the last post was awhile back and they have been lacking before that, now that the football season is winding down. The freshman finished up the season with 2 loss both to Salem and the varsity team is moving on to the playoffs. So that might give me some […]

Back on track..

For the longest time I have wanted utilize the iPad in the way I have envisioned. Using the iPad to write Word documents, Excel documents, and Power points on the go. You know this would be so nice to do with out lagging a laptop around all over the place. […]

Office 365 and the iPad

Facebook just came out with an option to make more money for them. They want to take your personal information of the 1.3 billion users and their web browsing habits. This is nothing new to Facebook as they have been doing target ads for a long time now based on […]

Facebook Targeted ads

E-mail, and hackers, What do they want with yours? It could take very little effort to take your e-mail account away from you and basicly take everything from you.  How you ask.  Let just say I am a hacker and I just guessed your password, and now I am in […]

E-mail and hackers

So if I were to choose one over the other it would be the Evernote note taking application. Why? It is a far better at note organizing and taking. It will auto sync with all off my devices and I haven’t had a problem with this.  OneNote requires the use […]

OneNote or EverNote

This will be my spot for random things about the technology that we all use and that I enjoy. So please come back and read up on what I am talking about. You can always view our FAQ section as well. If you would like to submit a question please […]

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