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Health Update Number 3

In my quest to become more healthily it has been a real struggle for me. Usually, at this point, I would have given up and well gain the weight back. I seem to hit this mark and never drop below it.


This has been a real struggle for me, I really love food. But, it isn’t all about the food. It is the pleasure I get from the food. I ate a hamburger the other day and I guess that didn’t sit very well with my stomach. Or it could have been a new medicine I am taking to help improve my AC1 level and help my heart.


I am not sure if my health is getting any better, I do feel better but still, I am overweight. It will take time and it won’t come off overnight. Unless I do some surgery. But that isn’t the answer.


If I go on a trip somewhere, I have to think about what food to eat and what will help in my health goals. The same when I go out to eat what choices will me achieve my goals. I just can’t pig out and eat what I want. I know it sucks. But there will come a day when I can eat what I want and maintain my weight. But that day is a bit far off.


I have set a goal for me to achieve and it should be a straightforward goal if I stick with the plan I should be dropping the weight like a wildfire. But, I am not. I am achieving my daily goals. I didn’t achieve one of my 14-day goals due to my getting sick. No, not that C word. But just getting an upset stomach with the new medicine. I was so close to achieving it.


I did a video, It is a bit choppy and hard to hear due to the wind.

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