Health Update 9

My health update for the previous 2 weeks. It has been a little bit over 3 months since the cardiac event.


On Memorial Day I meet up with my trainer at a local sports park and we went over some things to help with my weight loss goal.  I am doing everything correctly.  All the exercise, walking. But the weight isn’t falling off like it should be working.

Started something

I started to do videos after all my walks. Where I talk about my walk and exercises.

Follow up

I have 2 follow-ups with my heart doctor and primary care doctor, you know my 3 months check-up after the cardiac event.  Let’s hope it is good news.


I think that my health is going well. My eating habits have changed big time. I am not consuming a lot of junk. I tend to cook more at home than eat out. Yea, I eat out, but I make good choices and not bad choices.  That is a major change for me.


Check out the video. Yes, this post is a bit late. The web server was down.

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