I am sure you have heard of Peeps before, if not then where have you been?

What are Peeps

Well, this is a marshmallow thing. First marketed in 1953 and will they be the same taste, I think?  Now they are always in season.

They are made of the following:

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Gelatin
  • Food dyes
  • Salt

Yea, they taste just like the ingredients. I don’t usually eat peeps anymore due to they are not that good for me. However, something caught my attention.

Changing it up

I saw the following on social media

Then I went on a search for the Dr. Pepper peeps. It took a while but I finally found them plus a few more I thought would be interesting.

Yes, they had all these different flavors. So I picked them up.


I took a taste test with my two sons. Here we go

The classic yellow ones were just the same as usual, just full of sugar and marshmallows.

Next up is the fruit punch

Once you opened up the package you could smell the fruit punch smell, it wasn’t that strong. They tasted well it was sugar with a hint of fruit punch.

Next up is Sour watermelon

You could smell the flavor of watermelon,  there was a small hint of sour watermelon flavor. My wife tasted it and couldn’t tell the taste of the sour watermelon.

Next up is my favorite hot tamales

You could smell the flavor of cinnamon, it smelt so good. However, the taste wasn’t there like normal hot tamales. There was the aftertaste, but not like the hot tamales.

Last up is the Dr. Pepper

The one that kicked off this quest. But it didn’t have that taste I was expecting.


These really disappointed me, I was looking forward to great-tasting peeps. Maybe next year they can get the flavor correct.  I did try the Pepsi Peep, I just had a sip, but I don’t like Pepsi, so it tasted gross. Here are some pictures of peeps


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