Sound of Freedom

Something I didn’t think I would talk about here on this blog, but yet here I am. Let’s talk about today’s topic.

Tim Ballard

He was a member of law enforcement before he quit and founded Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R). Where he has worked to save children from human trafficking rings. Being a father of 11 children, he knows the value of children, and they aren’t for sale.

He has been in front of Congress and briefed former President Trump on Human trafficking and child sex trafficking.

Sounds of Freedom

This is a movie that Angel Studios put out since no other media would touch it. The film is all about Tim’s work in uncovering child sex trafficking.

The movie follows two kids kidnapped and trafficked to different parts of the world. Once to Columbia and once to Mexico, they went back and forth to the United States. Unfortunately, the United States is the highest consumption of child trafficking.

It follows what he, Tim, did to rescue the brother and sister. Along the way, he saved over 50 children. 

I don’t want to spoil the movie. Go and watch it.


The movie took five years to release as no movie studio wanted to touch this movie. The actor Jim Caviezel loved him in Person of Interest, who played Tim in the film. He lost two agents, his lawyer, from what I hear.

People are saying that this is a far-right Qanon conspiracy theory. That human trafficking isn’t a real thing. But, are over 85,000 missing at the southern border of the United States and Mexico.

I have heard that the media won’t cover this or promote this movie due to the content of this movie not being factual.


Sound of Freedom is the top-grossing movie opening weekend, beating out Indiana Jones. Sound of Freedom is only in 2600 theaters, whereas Indiana Jones was in 4600. People are flocking to see this movie.

I enjoyed this movie, and I would suggest that you see this movie. This is a real thing going on in this world today. Everyone should see this movie. Here is the website to pay it forward. Click on the image.

If clicking doesn’t work, here is the URL

Here is the trailer for the movie.

Remember that

God’s children aren’t for sale.


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