I have been using a couple of different things to get my audio. It all depends on what I am using. I need to up my audio game.

Been using

On my phone, it depends on the reason. But it was just the phone microphone. I know, not that good. On the Osmo Action, my camera I use right now. My wife won’t let me get something else. I use a shotgun mic or a Lavalier mic


I know… I know…

Picked up

I thought I would get the rode wireless go microphone set up. It looked like this.

But moving the audio over could be a pain in the butt. That is what I have heard about on YouTube. So I kept on looking. I found what I was looking for.

I picked up a DJI Microphone


This system comes with the following:

  • One charger case
  • One Receiver
  • Two Transmitters
  • Two windscreens
  • One USB C Cord
    • To plug into the computer to transfer audio files from the transmitters
    • It also can charge the transmitters and receiver.
  • One Audio Cable
  • One Charger case
    • The USB C cord can charge the case
  • Carrying case


I have had this on this new DJI mic since Feb. of 2023, and let me tell you. It has been excellent. It was a birthday present from my wife to me. Well, she said to get whatever I wanted. So I did, but the $329 price tag wasn’t that popular with her.

This is handy when I need a good microphone to record my videos. I can use this in the car, and that is handy. It is discrete and hardly noticeable.  That is why I like this Microphone. It has made me feel a bit more confident filming out in public. Not a lot but some.


Yep, I did a Video about this mic. It isn’t a tech review but about the DJI mic.

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