Direction in 2022

The question that you are all wondering about is, what does the year 2022 look like for this blog? That is a good question.


Now that you are all caught up on my health issues and what I am currently going through in my life and the things I am doing to change those things. So what is next?


Well, that is a good question and one that I have been pondering for the last little bit. But, since this blog is called

My YouTube channel is called

Just Justin

It is all about me, right? It isn’t just about a certain part of my life. I will be talking about topics that make me who I am.


I will continue to do the following:

  • Weight loss updates
  • Health updates when they happen

I will start to talk about the things that make me, well me.

  • My path
  • Tech
  • Past travel

I know that I might not go viral and become a YouTube rock star.


I started this journey to inform people of the struggles that I am going through with my health. If you have the same issues as I do and you don’t know what you need to do. Maybe I will inspire you to change your life.

I have watched a lot of YouTube video’s and the channels are always focusing on a certain subject.

  • Tech
    • Apple
    • Camera’s
    • Everything else
  • Travel
    • Cruising
      • A few different channels
    • Adventures
    • Van life
    • International travel
  • Grow your channel
    • Tips on equipment
    • To focus on a certain niche
      • I haven’t focused on that niche yet

Basically, you need to have something that you are

  • Passionate about
  • To Help others
  • Give value to others

Well, my channel has the following:

  • Passionate about
    • My journey
    • Me
  • Help others
    • If they have the same health issues as I have then they can learn from me
  • Value to others
    • Might not have that yet.

Would like to

About tech or traveling, but I don’t have sponsors, or a lot of money to buy the tech or to travel. Maybe one day. I know that will take some time, but I feel I can add value to people’s lives. Right now it is going to focus on my journey so far in life.

Maybe it will add value to someone out there.

But 2022, will be a year of learning about me and what drives me. We all have a back story. Why not share what that back story is for me.


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