Weight Loss, part 12

The last time I gave a weight lass update was Dec. 11, 2021. That is a long time and with the holiday season upon us food was plenty.


I didn’t lose the weight I wanted to.  When I weighed myself this morning, January 8, 2022, I was at 310.  It wasn’t a loss it was more again.

Work out

Nope, didn’t work out like I wanted to. Now that both of the kids are out of the house. I can get into a routine that will include working out daily.


. There was plenty of food. We had a few Christmas parties. I did limit my food intake, it was just all those darn snacks. You know the neighbors bring over cookies, jam, rolls, treats, bread, and so forth. You need to eat it, right? You can’t be rude.

I am a snacker and that makes it hard to lose weight. If we have snacks I will eat them. So the best thing to do is not have the snacks in the house and to take away the car keys so I can’t drive to get those snacks.


My goal is still the same, and that is to hit 300 for now.

My Thoughts

Now that the new year is upon us, I can start over and focus on what I need to do. Plus I will send all the snacks with my kids.


Here is my YouTube Video for my weight loss video.

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