Where would the world be without computers? That is a great question.

Growing up

We didn’t have the computers we do nowadays. Apple had Lisa. C. In 1981, IBM introduced its personal computer (PC). The Commodore 64 came out in 1984. It had 64KB of Ram. Holy crap. That was a lot.

In 1989, more than six Online systems were on the internet. Yea, there were over a million people on the internet by the end of the 1980s. Most of them were geeks.

But for normal people, computers were just too advanced. Well, that was my thought.


Put out a computer and it was the one my parents picked up. However, it didn’t last long and Atari stopped building computers. But that was sort of the beginning of the computer era for me.

Yes, I played on my friend’s Commodore 64, when he got one. Well, his parents. I had a girlfriend in high school who wrote a paper on one. It was in dos and she was using WordPerfect.  That was interesting indeed. I just played games on mine.

End of my Marriage

When I brought my first computer on my own, it was in 1995. Just being married and used to buying whatever in the hell I wanted to without asking anyone. I brought a computer.

Yep, it was about $1,500 and my wife came unglued at that. Like I would spend that much without talking to her. I was thinking I am a big boy and I can get whatever I wanted. But, I did learn a lesson that day. Marriage is about 2 people and talking about all sorts of stuff. Like Money.


They brought NCR and started to produce computers. The one I picked up was the Globalyst 363TPC.


  • 8 MB Ram
  • 75MHz Intel chip
  • 1.2GB hard drive

This thing was massive and it was a great computer. I would never run out of room on that hard drive.

But I did fill it up.

Now days

I still have that computer all these years later. Don’t use it at all, but I have it. Nowadays I don’t use a PC. I have a laptop. We will be talking about those coming up in the next blog posts.


Yep, check out my YouTube channel.

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